Health and advice

Being responsible for the healthy growth of an entirely dependent child is a huge task, for which very few parents feel sufficiently prepared for at the beginning. Even if helpful practical knowledge regarding health, care, and looking after infants and young children can be passed on by members of extended family, these very same natural role models may now be there. So where can you find advice and reliable information when you need it?

Drawn stork child

Counselling and support

Association of Single Mothers and Fathers

The Association of Single Mothers and Fathers (VAMV) has represented the…


Crying consultations

Counselling Centre for Parents, Children and Adolescents of the…


Hohemark Clinic

We're treating Mothers with mental illnesses that have arisen suddenly and/or…


Philip Julius e.V.

Support for families with children with multiple severe disabilities


Social-medical aftercare at the paediatric clinic of the varisano Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst

Social medical aftercare according to § 43 para. 2 SGB V for premature and…



Nutrition during infancy and early childhood

From the very beginning, nutrition plays a big role in the growth…

Restless babies and chronic “criers”

If your baby is constantly restless and often cries and your paediatrician…