Restless babies and chronic “criers”

Dear parents,

If your baby is constantly restless and often cries and your paediatrician cannot identify an acute physical condition or if your baby is suffering from extreme restlessness or crying phases after an illness or operation, you can make an appointment with the “Cry-baby Consultation”, which is part of the “Oberursel Parental Support Service: Advice centre for mothers and fathers with infants and young children”. Because neither your baby, nor you as parents, nor even older siblings should feel alone in such a stressful situation for an extended period of time.

Excessive infant crying, often starting for no obvious reason and lasting for hours at a time, day and night, interrupted only by short periods of exhausted sleep, is extremely stressful for all who are involved (including older siblings) and can put a deal of strain on the relationship between parents and children and between the parents themselves.

Similarly, a baby who constantly whines, cannot be put down even for a minute, and wants to be constantly carried around and distracted can become a burden to parents, leaving them with the depressing feeling that they cannot give their child what it needs.

We take the time to find the quickest possible way of easing the strain for your personal family situation. Please keep in mind that all discussions are confidential.

Should a referral to another specialist centre or clinic be necessary in certain cases, we will help you contact them.

Please remember that a session at the “Cry-baby Consultation” should not replace the regular U1-U11 check-ups with your paediatrician and that we expect you to continue these appointments and be able to provide us with your child’s check-up booklet when needed.

If our advice centre is unable to provide you with a timely appointment for a first meeting, we will refer you to another specialist centre run by one of our partners.


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