An invitation to the VILLAGE WALK

There is an African proverb that says “A child needs an entire village to grow up healthy”. This is why we are delighted to invite you and your children on our “VILLAGE WALK”.

Dear families with newborns, dear families who have moved to Oberursel,

The city of Oberursel would like you to feel welcome and in good hands as a family in Oberursel. In order for you and your children to get to know the city and all the appropriate offers and also to get in touch with other families, we cordially invite you to a 45-minute walk for young families. The route leads to numerous facilities, such as the family meeting place, the childminders' associations, breastfeeding and nappy-changing facilities and much more. The walk ends at the playground in Deschauer Park. Everyone is invited for coffee there.

Meeting point: 10:30 a.m. in front of the town hall.

We look forward to seeing you and your offspring!

The upcoming VILLAGE WALKs

  • 20.04.2024
  • 22.06.2024
  • 14.09.2024


If you have any questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact our pedagogical coordinator Ms Verena Winterle by phone or simply come by in person.

Oberursel City Hall, Room E14
Telephone: 06171 502-235
Office hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 8:30 - 14:00 or appointment by arrangement

Photo of Verena Winterle