Housing benefits

Tenants and owners have the possibility to receive a financial subsidy for the costs of owner-occupied housing on the basis of the Housing Subsidy Act.

Tenants receive housing benefit as a rent subsidy, owners as an encumbrance subsidy.

Amount of subsidy:

  • The amount of housing benefit depends on the size of the family, the eligible housing costs and the income level.
  • The granting of housing benefit depends on the application.
  • As a rule, the grant period is 12 months. If a repeat application is submitted after this period, the personal, economic and material requirements must be proven again.

Recipients of the following benefits are excluded from housing benefit:

  • Unemployment benefit II and social benefit according to SGB XII
  • Assistance towards subsistence according to SGB XII
  • Basic security benefits in old age and reduction in earning capacity according to SGB XII
  • Supplementary assistance towards subsistence or other assistance towards subsistence according to the Federal Supply Law
  • Basic benefits and benefits in special cases under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz)
  • Child and youth welfare benefits under Book VIII of the Social Code, if all persons belonging to the household are recipients of these benefits.

Application and counselling:

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We would be happy to send you the application for housing benefit!

Further information and advice as well as application:

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