Subsidies for day care

Assumption of childcare costs by the Hochtaunuskreis

An important element in the promotion of children is attendance at a day care centre

Child day care centres fulfil an educational and supportive mandate that is anchored in the Child and Youth Welfare Code. At the same time, they create good framework conditions for families to reconcile family and career as well as equal opportunities on the labour market.

Attendance at a child day care centre is an important part of the childcare system.

Attendance at a day care centre should therefore be made possible for every child in our society. As of 01.08.2013, there is even a legal entitlement to a day-care place once the child has reached the age of one.

In order to prevent exclusion from day-care, it is important to ensure that the child has a place in a day-care centre.

In order to prevent exclusion from attendance due to economic situations, there is the possibility of full or partial reimbursement of the costs of care for day care, crèche, day care centre or after-school care by the Hochtaunuskreis.

  • Legal bases are: §§ 2;22f. SGBVIII in conjunction with. §90 Abs. 3 SGBVIII
  • Responsibility lies with the Hochtaunuskreis, department "FB Kinder und Jugend / Kinderbetreuungskosten
  • .

You can find information on the assumption of costs here.      

City grant

If the Hochtaunuskreis only takes over part of the fee to be paid or refuses to take over the fee, the city of Oberursel - depending on income - also grants subsidies towards the childcare fees.

Prerequisites are:

  • Residence in Oberursel
  • Attendance of a day care centre in Oberursel
  • Notification of refusal or partial acceptance from the Hochtaunuskreis

Amount of the subsidy:

  • For incomes up to 250.00 EUR above the income limit, they receive 25% of the amount to be paid (max. 50.00 EUR /month)
  • For incomes between 250.01 and 500.00 EUR above the income limit, they receive 10% of the actual contribution to be paid (max. 20.00 EUR /month)

Help with application and counselling options:

City of Oberursel (Taunus)
Family, Education and Social Affairs Division

Applications can be requested by e-mail at:

Mrs Michelle Erle
Tel. 502-246