Both parents are entitled to request parental leave from their employer. This entitlement essentially lasts until the child is three years old. During this time, any employment is put on hold but cannot be terminated. Once the parental leave is over, the employee is entitled to return to their previous working arrangements.

With the consent of the employer, it is possible to extend this period up to a further 12 months (e.g. for the child’s first year of school).

Employee obligations:

  • Leave must be applied for seven weeks before it can commence.
  • The total duration of the leave within the next two years is to be established before it commences.

Employee rights:

  • Part-time employment of up to 30 hours a week with another company.
  • Under certain conditions, there is a legal entitlement to a reduction in weekly working hours to between 15-30 hours.
  • Protection against dismissal.
  • Returning from parental leave earlier than planned.


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