Bürgergeld (Citizen's allowance)

The citizen's allowance replaced the Unemployment Benefit II at the beginning of 2023.

You can receive citizen's allowance if you are fit for work and are entitled to benefits and thus meet at least the following conditions:

  • You are at least 15 years old and you have not yet reached the age limit for your pension.
  • You live in Germany, have your centre of life here and have EU citizenship or a current residence permit.
  • You can work at least 3 hours per day or are temporarily  unable to work, not permanently.
  • You or members of your family are in need of assistance.

In need of assistance means that the income of your family members ( under 25 years of age)  is below the subsistence level and you cannot sufficiently meet the necessary subsistence from your own resources.( Standard requirements and housing costs)

Employable means that no illness or disability prevents you from taking up work.

Even someone who is not fit for work can receive citizen's allowance if she or he lives in a family with a person who is fit for work and entitled to benefits, or if the incapacity for work is not permanent.


  • 502.00 € for single persons and single parents 
  • 451.00 € for adult spouses or partners (per person)
  • 402,00 € for adults in residential institutions
  • 402,00 € for adults between 18 -24 years
  • 420.00 € for young people between 14-17 years
  • 348,00 € for children between 6-13 years
  • 318,00 € for children under 6 years

Additional needs

  • 180.72 € for  additional needs for single parenting 1 child under 7 or 2 children under 16
  •  60.24 € for additional needs for single parenting under 18 years

Appropriate costs for accommodation and heating

The adequacy is examined individually.

  • Maximum rent for one person 512,- € plus heating costs
  • Maximum rent for two persons 655,- € plus heating costs
  • Maximum rent for three persons 778,-€ plus heating costs
  • Maximum rent for four persons 990,-€ plus heating costs
  • Maximum rent for five persons 1.050,- € plus heating costs
  • Each additional person + 127,- € plus heating costs

Single services if required

  • Initial equipment for first-time occupancy of an apartment
  • Aid for maternity clothing
  • Initial equipment for a baby

Help with application and counselling options:

City Administration Oberursel
Rathausplatz 1  61440 Oberursel
Division Family, Education and Social Affairs

Responsibility with the 1st letter of the surname :

A - K Verena Zahn Tel. 502-240   Mail: Verena.Zahn@oberursel.de
L - Z  Heike Fritsch Tel. 502-253   Mail: Heike.Fritsch@oberursel.de

Further information and advice as well as application:

Hochtaunuskreis - Der Kreisausschuss
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1-5
61352 Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe
Telephone: 06172 999-0
Mail: bis@hochtaunuskreis.de

Applications can be found here.